Demo Import

We are providing you two methods for importing demo contents: Automatic and Alternative. You can follow either one of these methods.

  • Automatic (Recommended): This method will remove all your existing data, so use this method only in fresh website. This procedure will be faster because you just have to do one click and then everything will happen automatically.
  • Alternative: Use this method only if:
    Automatic demo import method fails ( Only few of our customers like 5% have experienced this issue due to their hosting limits, in that case we also provide free demo importing service if you contact with us).

Automatic Import

Want to build your site like the demo? You can do it by only one click!

** Note: Before proceeding, please remember that when you are done with the demo import, all existing settings and contents will be removed and replaced by the demo contents. So it is highly recommended that you should only do this in fresh site. **

First please make sure that Saja Parent Theme is activated on your site.

From Admin menu, navigate to Appearance → Import Demo Data .

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Written by


Alzaniya Tabassum

Sep 25, 2019